At the core of Riversides philosophy is the child. The child is at the beginning and the end at Riverside. It is the curiosity of the child that guides us to design and deliver some of the best educational models in the educational world. 

Our belief that is not important to teach a child “What to think but How to think” defines our educational philosophy. The sphere of knowledge keeps growing from time to time. No one teacher can learn it all and pass it on to the children but all along develop that inner curiosity of a child and harness it to explore the intricate offerings of the world. When this curiosity is lit with a scientific process, the child is able to dig deep within to ask the right questions to get the right answers from the world around them. 

This ethos helps us see teachers as channelising agents, whilst the childlike mind is the true driving force behind unlocking the mysteries of the earth. 

All along as we say this, it is important to understand that there is no one fixed philosophy that can shape the world but the mixture of thoughts that cater to the dynamism of the world. Having said that, one must understand a fluid philosophy is a philosophy by itself that helps us be prepared to learn continuously and evolve constantly.

Riverside is a phase in a child’s life that helps them understand who they are in the process offering the greatest gift of self-identity to the child and inevitably the society they live in.