Games & Sports

By far, the most anticipated period in any day is the games period. In Riverside, games, and sports are daily activities which combine the values of being physically fit and also being able to compete in both individual and team sports.

A unique aspect of the sporting activities in Riverside is that, every sport has its own coach in order to foster the pursuit of excellence. A streamlined and rigorous syllabus is in place for all sporting activities. Students compete at the district, state and even national level in a variety of competitions and over the years, our sporting achievements have become one of the hallmarks of this institution.

Riverside enrolls the services of 26 coaches in various disciplines. In cases where we do not have a coach to cater to the child’s need, specialist coaches are hired to fulfill the need. Some of the common sports played are listed below. Over the years our children have excelled in Swimming, Shooting and other disciplines due to the flexible schooling system for sports inclined children. Some of the sports offered at Riverside are listed below.

All children from the K -12, are required to participate in Sports and Games. Till the 5th Grade, children are taught the basics of all sports. After the 6th Grade, they are encouraged to concentrate on any one sport but are allowed to pursue any other sport of their choice, if desired.