Get to know your Logo


The ‘R’ depicts the ideologies of Riverside where the child is at the forefront of all facets of the educational paradigm enabling them to REACH out.

The three lines that flow in the bottom half of the logo take on different meanings that reinforce our beliefs and principals.

Time/Meridian – Each line refers to the mystic value of time where the past influences the present and the present influences the future. The lines also represent the three meridians that are used to calculate time. It refers to the urge to explore the unknown that has defined mankind and evolution.

Students – No line is of the same size, which denotes that each child is different. They flow into the school in one direction and flow out through the school side by side carving a distinct path for themselves.

River of Knowledge – Education is a continuous process and the steady flowing lines is reflective of the diligent flow of knowledge like an untiring RIVER where children pick up experiences and makes memories as they flow along.

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