VIBRANT from Start to Finish — Kalaimamani Shivamani @ RPS!!!

Riverside Public School,Kotagiri has always promoted culture as an integral part of its educational offering. In line with that, we had opened our doors to host famous artists and patrons for their performances at Riverside campus
. This was an initiative of HARA KOL, a local body founded and dedicated to promote Arts & Culture in the Nilgiris in collaboration with Riverside Public School. One of the hosts was none other than our young & dynamic Managing Director Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy along with Mr Navneeth from the Hara Kol. 
           We had on 15th December 2018,from 6.30pm, three percussionists of fame to perform on stage– KALAIMAMANI ANANDAN SIVAMANI, Mr. SACHIN PATWARDHAN who exemplified his skill of playing the Spanish Veena in combination with  ANURADHA PAL on the tabala — she carries the title of being India’s first lady professional tabala soloist and versatile accompanist. Their duo session awakened applause at intervals.
  KALAIMAMANI ANANDAN SIVAMANI who is a renowned percussionist – Maestro Drummer was the STAR OF THE NITE. Sivamani is admired for his intelligently structured percussion performance. His creative aptitude of blending various sounds from the high-tech electronic gadgets as well as simple day to day objects like musical sounds emanating  from a suitcase, water-        or cow-bells dipped in and out of a bucket of water raised the spirits of the audience in awe to the ethereal fount of rhythm.  
           SIVAMANI was humble to appreciate the performance of the Riverside Band- THE RUBBER BAND- The drummers of RPS during Sivamani’s Concert were exclusively invited to perform merging with the maestro’s skill.
           The conclusion of his compositions reached the epitome when he payed tribute  and thanked ” Matha, Pitha, Guru,Devho bhava.” He fondly reminiscent his days being a ‘ shishya’ of Mr. Grant from the Nilgiris who was an inspiration as his GURU. Sivamani called upon the grand-daughter of Mr. Grant (Mrs. Beaverly, our school teacher & her son) on to the stage showcasing his reverence to his GURU.
           The marvelous musical evening concluded with a scrumptious dinner which was extended hospitality of the Riversiders for the guests. The melody of the evening will linger on for days to come. This will remain as a golden opportunity talented students availed of and feel empowered to look forth with HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.  
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