River X – Science on a mission.

19th November 2018: The students of Riverside had embarked on an expedition through Science and turned all their classroom lessons into a trail of exhibits on various levels. The Day was marked as Riverside X and all the students had finally found their spot to display their novice innovations ideas and interests, in the best possible way. This did take a fortnight of preparation, planning, not to mention creativity.

Our Chief Guests Bro Navin, Principal of St Josephs College, Conoor and Mr Gary Evert, Principal of Laidlaw School, Ketti, were overwhelmed at the variety and versatility the students portrayed. Being a man of Science himself, Bro. Navin with his keen eye was consumed by the attention to detail and the organised presentation of exhibits.   

The classrooms were packed with the likes of Archimedes, Pascals law, Boyles law, Darwins law Avogadros hypothesis and all sorts of scientific structures. Chemistry and Physics didnt seem insurmountable anymore. Biology had spread its roots to higher grounds and the little scientists were engaged with innovations like never before.

The event as a whole, had one big purpose, and that was to bring together the other schools of the Nilgiris under one roof to develop science. The aim behind it was to share knowledge and throw light on the young growing mind of each and every child. Ma

Many Government schools had also been invited to be a part of this mega science show, which erased all biases, prejudices, indifferences, social stigmas and instead saluted all children with the respect and attention they deserve. This clearly indicates that intelligence is not confined to a school or class. It is attributed to the intricate working and topography of a nimble mind, and this is something that needs to be exposed. Riverside, has always viewed education as a spectrum though which education is but a catalyst to the far flung corners of knowledge.

The schools that were part of this exhibition were:

The Panchayat Municipal School- Odaikadu, Panchayat Union Middle Bagyanagar, Government Higher Secondary School ooty, International Community School, Nazareth High School, Unique Public School, Government High School- Ooty and Crescent- Ooty. These children had showcased brilliant models and were awarded with prizes only to motivate them and to nudge them in the right direction.

The Science Exhibition had rewarded the efforts and interests of all the participants with cash prizes to the tune of Rupees one lakh, and accentuated the fact that with freedom comes responsibility and with responsibility comes acknowledgement.

The prize winners of the three categories are as follows:

Physics: Grades 6, 7, 8

Prize Name School Project
1st Prize Aaryan Rps Metal Detector
2nd Prize


Rohith International

Community School

Hydraulic Crane
3rd Prize Padma Priya Panchayat Union Middle School Women Protecting System


Chemistry: Grades 6, 7, 8


1st Prize Harjith Rps Bio Plastic
2nd Prize Aarthi Rps Food Adulteration
3rd Prize Hamsika Rps Smokeless Crackers


Biology: Grades 6, 7, 8


1st Prize Harun Rasied Govt. Hr.Sec School, Ooty Beggar  Free India.
2nd Prize Sharmitha N R RPS Soil Erosion
3rd Prize Havishkaa Rps Bio Gas


Physics Grades 9, 10

1st Prize Vrishab.V Crescent School Hydraulic Bridge
2nd Prize Jai Akash Rps Wireless Garbage
3rd Prize Sonika K.S Nazareth Earthquake Detector


Chemistry: Grades 9, 10

1st Prize Ashwin Rps Alcohol Detector
2nd Prize Dhanya Shree Nazareth High School Recycling of Plastic
3rd Prize Dhanush R

Venkat R

Unique Public School Conservation of Energy


Biology: Grades 9, 10

1st Prize Laksha Rps Rain Water Harvesting
2nd Prize Swetha Nazareth High School Impacts of Pollution
3rd Prize Rithika Nazareth High School DNA


Physics: Grades 11, 12

1st Prize Bill Gates Rps Bore well Drone
2nd Prize Shivaram Rps Thermo Cutter
3rs Prize M.Sherin Nazareth High School Sewage Controller


Chemistry: Grades 11, 12

1st Prize Vinayak Rps Water Pollution Controller
2nd Prize M.Gokul Govt.Hr.Sec.Sch Water Body Robotics
3rd Prize Ashwin Rps Bio Diesel


Biology: Grades 11 , 12

1st Prize Naveen Rps Tissue Culture

Special Prize

R. Thirumoothy Govt.Higher, Sec, School Extraordinary Project


First Prize: Rs. 6000/-

Second Prize: Rs. 3000/-

Third Prize: Rs. 1500/-

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