Great Expectations

When children are drawn towards a particular person or situation, it means that they have struck the right cord. It also means that there is an unseen thread of trust that passes through that consortium. Especially in this day and age, children have their antennas up and can pick up signals that are detrimental to ones growth and development.

On that note, the kind of compatibility the children have in the Riverside family is remarkable. This morning was marked with a bonding that came across as a very pleasing sight. Our Vice Principal Mrs Jaya Haridass who is always cloaked with an approachable disposition, finds herself surrounded by children at the assembly point, almost every morning, just to greet her for the day. The tugging gestures and friendly questioning scenes are quaint. The interaction elicits good humour accompanied by giggles which sends ripples of merriment to the onlookers as well.

As part of shaping and teaching children, these subtle yet impressionable encounters are vital. All of us have desires to be babied, to be nurtured, to be cared for by people who are stronger than us, who have our interests truly at heart, as it is a predominant theme of our existence. Hence, there couldnt be a more befitting place to start.
Such is the upbringing in the home away from home Riverside!

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