For the First time in India Riverside and the Australian Tigers

11th – 13th October 2018: Riverside had the fortune of inviting the Richmond Tigers, a professional Australian Football Club, and the Primitive Sports Team from Coimbatore to campus Riverside. This initiative was to empower both the teacher and the taught to achieve greater milestones in the world of Football.
The training spanned over two days from 11th to 13th October. The pivot of the training was on the following objectives:
1. Richmond Tigers AFL Footy Training at Riverside
2. Performance Testing of students Global Performance Index
3. Level 1 Coaching for coaches at Riverside.

The session was quite vigorous, and strategic in its execution. The students had learned about the dynamics of physical training and level of intensity involved in this particular sport.
Further, the Tigers had taken it one step ahead and conducted classroom training as well paying attention to nutrition, hydration and technology along with mental toughness in sports.
As the two day workshop evolved the Richmond Tigers and the Primitive Sports team had merged well with our students and coaches, bringing out the best from all angles.
On a lighter note, the Australians had kicked off their shoes and tarried with the boarding students to learn about the culture and splendour of the Nilgiris.

The most profound highlight of this entire sporty and footy stint is that this kind of training has never been carried out on Indian soil ever before. Therefore it brings Riverside to the limelight and forefront of all performance based education.

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