Message from the Managing Director

Dear Parents,
                         Welcome to another fabulous year of learning, thriving and evolving at Riverside. I am deeply delighted to say we ended the year 2017-18 on a great note and are looking forward to that being our benchmark for the coming year and I am certain we will excel in all that we have set our eyes on. Riverside is home to some pioneering ideas and vision for school education in India and this year will see us take one step further in that direction. I must iterate that none of this is  done with an intention to be different, but with an intent to do the right thing for the growth of the child, who are at the centre of everything at Riverside.

The year 2017-18 saw over 87 of our 12th Std students graduate in flying colours and we are proud to say that over 72% of them got college admissions even before their board exams results were out. We have had over  32 students leave us in various classes, which is lower in the terms of percentage ever at Riverside. Having said that, we have over 140 new children joining the Riverside family this year. I Welcome them all to a fruitful Riverside experience.

On the infrastructure front, we have added a new classroom block in the Junior Campus along with amendments to many ageing infrastructures on campus. I am all the more excited for the beautiful 25 metre Swimming Pool we are building on campus, that will be one of its kind in all of Nilgiris, if not Tamil Nadu. The design and planning phase has seen some of the best minds at work towards building an inspirational landmark on campus. We are hoping to complete the project by January – February 2019 based on weather patterns that would bless us or delay us.

I have always felt that a school should be an integral part of the community not as a centre for learning alone but a centre for introspection and inspiration. On those lines, Riverside will be promoting activities that influence and shape the local community whilst being a centre for lifestyle change i.e., towards sustainability and healthier living. To make a greater impact, Riverside will be opening Riverside Open School as a separate entity for the public to come and enlighten themselves. Riverside will also be opening a Riverside Centre for Excellence along with this to make available the plethora of activities like book writing programme and other resources to the public. Such a move will not only permit young and older people alike to experience the various skill development programmes at Riverside but create a bridge for healthy interaction between the school and real-life professionals.

Mrs Betty Francis, a Dr. Radhakrishnan (Best Teacher) awardee, and my teacher from school days and the wife of our Principal, Mr Francis Xavier will head the programme with her wealth of 35 years of experience. I am sure her knowledge and intuition will guide this programme into the realm of excellence.

One must understand that Riverside is not a place for mere textbook education, but education for life. Seeds sown at Riverside will take years to blossom into a glorious life. We must not evaluvate our children by societal pressure of marks alone but their excellence in life through their mindset for steady progress and determination for sustainable growth. I wish all teachers, parents and most importantly, students a wonderful year and am confident that the ripples of change through Riversiders will ring for eternity.

Thank you
                                                                                                                                  Kavin Kumar Kandasamy
                                                                                                                                  Managing Director

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