Library & Laboratory

School Library

A Library is a house of knowledge. At every school it is considered as an essential component of, not only the academic set-up, but also a storehouse of information, reference and a quiet haven for those who love reading. Our library exposes the students to a wide range of resources through its rich collection of books, newspapers, journals and magazines and the like. An enviable ambience for our students, to enjoy and nurture their reading experience, is what we have at our reading house.

Laboratory and Labs

Our school is well set, with highly updated, scientific equipment to enable students use and enhance their scientific skills.The laboratory area comprises of the Physics, Chemistry & Biology labs.

Our Creative lab kindles the skill of imagination and innovation in every child. Here the students gain a steady understanding of animation and clay animations, gaming, robotics and software modeling.

The 3D lab bridges the gap between the minds eye and creativity. With the help of 3D printers the students design and print their own models.

The Computer labs have advanced infrastructure and the requisite needs, both in hardware and software.

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