Food & Refectory


Refectory at school is one of the main areas where our students can have a better know of most of their schoolmates and staff of various cadres. Teachers and students have lunch together so as to have a closer bond between them.


Keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds our students hail from, we have two separate hygienically maintained dining halls, one for Vegetarians and the other for Non-Vegetarians. Students are taught dining etiquette and they are encouraged to enjoy their meal.


Every meal is carefully catered and administered by experienced dieticians, in-house chefs and supporting staff. Children are provided a well-balanced, nutritious six-course menu every day with an assortment of meals.

One of the great hallmarks of Riverside has been its diverse food menu and we invite you to come and have a taste of it. Shown below are just a few of the dishes from the Riverside bastion.

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