Riverside Centre For Excellence – Going Live to Public Soon

Riverside has always been at the forefront of innovative educational practices and it looks to continuously weave new thoughts into the fabric of education. Education is for life and seldom do we realise that. In today’s world most people have figured out their purpose only after they have graduated from School – College – University and then gone into the workplace and realised that their calling is elsewhere. As this happens all the energy divulged over the students many years and preparing for a better future appears immediately appears diluted or vested in the wrong direction. Keep this in mind, Riverside Center For Excellence looks to be a place for continuous learning for adults and children alike. Anybody who is looking to get a taste of new industry or discipline could test the waters here or anybody who is looking for a short burst of knowledge in a field can gain it here or anybody just wanting to evolve in their specific field can come to the center and take one of its many offerings forward. All courses are short interactive and well-curated courses, bearing in mind the need the busy lives we all have to deal with. 

How does it work.

Imagine you are an acclaimed Doctor who has a depth of knowledge in a specific field and does you are looking to communicate this to the world as a book but do not know how, the Center for Excellence will help you with its 2 week book writing book programme under the best mentors from around the country who will tutor these minds to learn the sciences behind writing.


In another instance let us say you are running a successful tea estate owner in the Nilgiris and you along with hotelier in the field is looking for an understanding and perception change in Sustainable Development but do not have time to learn it from Mentors around the world or do not like the lack of interaction available online, you could two a week-long basic to advanced Sustainable development course curated by some of the best Mentors from around the world to boost your knowledge in maintaining resources better.


Now let us imagine you a homemaker with time on your hands but do not know how to use it wisely and would like to a take a week to a month off to learn something new. You can choose from basic language classes to advanced culinary classes to basics and advanced entrepreneurship classes. The options are endless, you could even take a class on how to run a successful online business from our gurus who will give you the best of knowledge.


The Center For Excellence is many things and anything you want it to be. This year we will be opening a new block on Riverside Premises completely dedicated to Center For Excellence. In the month of September, there will be a full-scale launch of the Center and open to the public, our new website for the same will be taking bookings online in the coming month. Our first disciplines of focus will be on Arts, Development, Accounts, Film Making, Business Leadership and Technology. Over time we will be adding new disciplines and we look forward to keeping you updated about the same.


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