Rules & Regulations

General Guidelines for All Students


  • Please try and ensure 100% attendance of your ward. If for any valid reason, the child needs to be absent from school, and you are aware in advance, kindly submit a written leave application well in advance. If it is an emergency, (medical or otherwise), a message should be sent as soon as possible.
  • Please note that all school activities, including those on Saturday, are compulsory and kindly check with the school, if, informed otherwise by your children.
  • A calendar showing the entire schedule for the year including the list of holidays and outing days will be issued at the beginning of the academic year. Any change in the schedule will be intimated to you.
  • Children who are unwell, must not be brought in earlier than required, e.g., chicken pox (21 days), etc.


  • Kindly note that for any misdeeds/misbehaviour constituting minor offences, corrective steps will be taken by the respective staff.
  • In case of repeated misdeeds / offences etc, a disciplinary committee consisting of the Principal, the Academic Co-ordinator, the concerned Section Co-ordinator and the Sports Co-ordinator would investigate and issue warnings, if necessary. In extreme cases, parents would be called to the school to discuss the problem and thereafter expulsion or suspension of the student would be contemplated.


  • Please ensure that all school fees and other payments are made without delay. The payment dates will be intimated to you at the beginning of the year.
  • Please ensure that all fee dues have been paid before reporting at the start of the term. Students will not be admitted, until all dues are cleared .
  • Parents are requested to make all payments to the school bank account only or the school cash counter and not to give cash or remit cash in any individuals account.
  • Parents are requested to check their accounts to ensure that their payments have been duly credited to the school account, on time.


  • If you wish to apply for a transfer certificate for your ward, please inform the Principal in writing. The Transfer certificate would be made available after three days. If you wish to withdraw the student at any time during the academic year, please note that only the caution deposit and no other fee remitted would be refunded.

Guidelines for Day-Scholars


  • Please ensure that your child is at their boarding point five minutes before the boarding time. Similar arrangements must be made to receive the child on the return trip. The timings will be intimated to you by the office. Any change will be communicated to you via SMS so please ensure that your correct contact numbers are available with the office.
  • Please note that is very difficult to change the pick-up and drop-off areas for the children on short notice and will only be entertained if it is possible and prior permission has been received from the office. In case of any emergency due permission will be given.
  • Places are not reserved for anyone in the school bus. Students are advised to board the bus on time and be accommodative to the fellow students who are in the bus.
  • Noise, unwanted movement and playing can be irritating to the driver and others travelling by bus. It can be a cause for accidents and therefore please advise your ward to maintain silence or speak softly with minimum movement. If there is continuous misbehaviour on the bus, transport facility can be withheld for day-scholars and they would be required to come in with their parents.


  • Students must come to school  groomed well. Please ensure that the children are in the prescribed uniforms (including the shoes) on all days. If for any reason this is not possible please send a note with the child stating the reasons. Kindly  contact the office immediately if you are unsure about the prescribed uniforms.
  • For classes  LKG to V – Adidas and prescribed  uniform  on all working days.
  •  For classes VI and above – On Mondays : Black Shoes: Girls (Ballerina) , Boys( Naughty Boy)  Week days:              (Tuesday to Saturday)  Adidas  shoes.
  • Shoes for specific sports, as required, has to be carried to school in a separate bag and worn only in the games field. Please contact the Sports Co-ordinator before investing in any sports shoe. Please avoid buying expensive shoes.
  • Please ensure all the uniforms are tagged with the name tags provided.
  • Please contact the office immediately if your child has left any uniform back at school.


  • Children are not permitted to wear colour dress on their birthday as it has been found to be very distracting for the rest of the students. Sweets may be distributed at break times. These are  available in the school store, if needed. Please do not send chocolates or cakes.

Electronic Items

  • Students are not permitted to have in their possession electronic gadgets, mobile phones and expensive watches, jewellery, perfume and deodorant sprays (roll-ons are allowed). The school is not responsible for the loss of the same. If there is a requirement of certain items like a camera (for the members of the photography club), please ensure that it is handed over to the school office and registered. Any banned item will be confiscated and will not be returned.

Food Items and Water

  • No food items of any sort including sweets (other than for birthdays)  should be sent. Hygienic water is provided on all buses and various points in the school, so please do not send any water to school.

Guidelines for Boarders

Visiting Time

  • The school does not permit parents to take their (boarders) wards out of the school on Friday evenings.
  • Parents who come to the school on Saturdays will be allowed to enter the campus only after 1.00 p.m., after all the buses have left. Visitors are requested to co-operate with us, in this regard.
  • When reporting to school at the start of the term, please bring with you the following items:
  • A detailed medical report on the health of your child, including prescriptions, if necessary.
  • The necessary clothes and toiletries as noted in the requirement list.


  • After you have dropped your ward to school on the opening day, please collect the set of 3 Identity Cards from the Residential Co-ordinator on which the photograph of the student will be affixed, together with other information. These are to be used when the child is to be met or taken out.
  • All students are permitted to call their parents once a week at a designated time. Parents are not allowed to call the children. Exceptions may be granted to people living abroad. Please contact the Residential Co-ordinator to arrange this. Kindly note that even for parents living abroad, only one call per week is allowed.
  • Do collect the phone numbers of your child’s Dorm parent, the Residential Co-ordinator and the school office numbers. Kindly call these numbers only in case of an emergency.

Other Regulations

  • During long weekends, leave will not be granted before or after the earmarked dates. Parents are requested to strictly follow the calendar. If for any reason, the student is unable to attend school, prior permission has to be taken from the Principal.
  • If your child is unwell or injured, you will be informed only if the situation merits it. The school will advise you if there is a need to send the child home for further treatment.
  • Students will not be admitted into the boarding after 6.00 P.M on the day of reporting. If you are dropping off your ward in the morning, please ensure that you are in the campus before 7.30 A.M.
  • On outing days parents are not permitted to visit or take their wards home.
  • The school arranges for the pick-up and drop of students from certain towns and cities at certain times of the year. Parents who wish to avail  this facility, may contact the school office regarding the details. Please also ensure that your request for a pick-up or drop is sent in writing / fax/e-mail to the school office, well in advance. Please ensure that you have your identity cards with you when you come to the pick up point.
  • Boarders are not permitted to have in their possession electronic gadgets, mobile phones, expensive watches, jewellery, perfume and deodorant sprays (roll-ons are allowed). The school is not responsible for the loss of the same. If there is a requirement of certain items like a camera (for the members of the photography club), please ensure that it is handed over to the school office and registered. Any banned item will be confiscated and will not be returned.
  • The only exception to the above rule is that the Senior Secondary Students (11th and 12th) are allowed to have simple MP3 players without video (no Apple products).
  • If your ward asks for any items for sports or any other activity, do check with the section co-ordinators to see if there is a need for the same.
  • Students are not permitted to bring  any form of food into the dorm. All food should be consumed in the vehicle or designated space outside the campus before entering.
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