Senior Secondary ( XI & XII )


Subjects taught at the senior school level include:

Mandatory Subject

English. This is a compulsory subject.


Students are required to take a minimum of three subjects in this group but are encouraged to take four.

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Commerce
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Music (Indian or Western)
  • Environmental Science
  • Home Science
  • Psychology

Homework and Remedial Work

At the senior secondary school level, homework is assigned on a daily basis. However, it is targeted and there is a specific timetable to ensure that the child is not over burdened. Students who need extra remedial work are coached additionally to meet the expected standards. All students are required to stay in the evenings, both for remedial work and also for entrance related courses in all fields.


As with the junior sections, reviews are conducted at the end of every chapter. Formal tests are conducted at the end of every term on a cumulative basis based on the board pattern of testing. In the 12th standard, chapter-wise tests are conducted at the completion of the syllabus. This is followed by a series of trial exams. The class teacher, head of the senior school and the principal continuously monitor each child’s performance. Commendations are issued on a weekly basis to encourage the children to excel in academics. Certificates and medals are awarded at the end of the year to the most promising students.

XIIth Standard students are also simultaneously prepared for their various competitive examinations. The school has many special invitee academicians who help the children in reaching their dreams by preparing them for the same. For detail about these programmes please contact the school as they vary based on the child’s need and the time from for the exam. Riverside encourages self preparation with the guidance of our teachers for some exams.

Senior Secondary Co-ordinator

Nehru_SeniorSecondary Mr. Anandha Nehru

“If you want a child oriented school, you will find that Riverside is the place for you. Not only do we give importance to all round development of the child, we also go a step further to see that he or she is placed well in future. The slow learners are given more attention so that they catch up with the rest by the time they have to appear for school leaving examination and achieve any dreams that they have in store for a happy and eventful life.So hurry up and dont miss a chance to be at Riverside to explore a different world of education”

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