Upper Middle ( VIII )


Course Work Subjects taught at the middle school level include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Computer Science, one second language (Tamil, Hindi Malayalam or French ). We follow the syllabus prescribed for the ICSE pattern of examination. In all subjects, care is taken to ensure that the basics are well covered and comprehended by the students.

At the middle school level, in addition to the course work, time has been allocated for Life Skills and Debating.

Integrated Technology

Students complete their learning of the Microsoft Office Package with an emphasis on Word and Excel. They are also introduced to the usage of the Internet. In programming, they learn advanced 3-D Modelling which is encapsulated with a creative lab.

Homework and Remedial Work

At the middle school level, homework is assigned on a daily basis. However, it is targeted and there is a specific timetable to ensure that the child is not over burdened. Students who need remedial work are coached on a daily basis. All students are given projects in addition to the regular class work to enhance their understanding of various subjects. This programme is designed to enable students to take competitive examinations in the future.


Short reviews are conducted at the end of every chapter. Formal tests are conducted at the end of every term on a non-cumulative basis. This is to ensure that the basics of all subjects are thoroughly understood. The class teacher, head of the middle school and the principal continuously monitor each child’s performance. Commendations are issued on a weekly basis to encourage the children to excel in academics. Certificates and medals are awarded at the end of the year to the most promising students. Merit badges are issued to the top three students periodically.

Upper Middle School Co-ordinator

Ms. Latha

School ought to be a second home, and a teacher a second parent. The bond we share at Riverside, helps us explore much more than just our curriculum. At the middle school level, the student experiences a cross-over from an adolescent to a teenager. Keeping this in mind, we focus on the overall development of a child. As a co-ordinator, I nudge them in the right direction, so as to bring out the innate qualities that lies just below the surface of growth. I enjoy                                                                                                                  every step of this journey. It is a                                                                                                                          hearty experience.


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