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Welcome to
Riverside Public School

Riverside Public School is a decade and a half old Secular and Co-educational, Day and Residential School located on a 13 acre campus in the scenic mountains of Kotagiri, The Nilgiris. At Riverside we are always in Pursuit of Excellence, be it in any aspect of education. We believe every child has inherent and untapped talents that we strive to unearth and foster through individual attention.

Our hallmark is our new age philosophy that is inspired by the wisdom and discipline of the past and motivated by our curiosity and imagination for the future. At Riverside, the child is at the forefront of our educational system and we understand that a child should be taught to think and not what to think.

Over the years we have pioneered the vision for new age education in the country and established a reputation for creating ripples in the field of education. The school’s excellent infrastructure and dedicated staff caters to the comprehensive needs of over 900 children entrusted in its care every year. Riversiders excel in all walks of life whilst empathising to the world around them. The spirit of Riverside is to Strive to Excel in whatever field you put your heart and head to. Come and be a part of the Riverside experience.

Career &
Education Fair 2017


Riverside Public School is organizing the largest gathering of Universities and Higher Educational Institutions in the school on 23rd and 24th of October 2017.

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News & Events

1st Riverside International FIDE Rated – Open Chess Tournament – December 22nd – 25th 2017

Riverside Public School has been crowned with the honour of hosting the first ever International Fide Rated Chess Tournament in[..] [Read More]

  • A Pizza bash with the Director

    10th February 2018: The Director of our school Mr Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, decided to throw a surprise lunch for the[..] [Read More]

  • Riverside’s Global Citizenship Programme with Keystone Foundation

    10th February 2018: The difference between the kind of education a Riversider gets and other students get is that, there[..] [Read More]

  • Picnic thrills for the juniors

    9th February 2018: The shiny buttons of our kinder garden and grade 1 students, were taken on a picnic to[..] [Read More]

  • KMF and Riverside

    8th February 2018: As part of our GCP programme, we are expanding our boundaries by incorporating social projects with the[..] [Read More]

  • In the foot steps of Archimedes and Pythagoras

    8th February 2018: The auditorium awaited the mathematical show down our 3rd and 4th graders were geared up for. They[..] [Read More]

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