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Welcome to
Riverside Public School

Riverside Public School is a decade-old secular and Co-educational Day and Residential School always in pursuit of Excellence be it in the field of academics, sports, arts, or music. We believe every child has inherent and untapped talents that we strive to unearth and foster through individual attention.

Our hallmark is our highly qualified staff and our educational philosophy. Employed after extensive interviewing of qualified staff from all over India, they possess common qualities of excellence, dedication, and team spirit. At Riverside, we place the child ahead in our list of priorities and understand that a child should be taught to think and not what to think.

The school’s excellent infrastructure caters to the educational, creative, and physical needs of all children. We focus on all facets of the child’s growth ranging from Arts, Sports, and Discipline to Excellence in Academics.

Career &
Education Fair 2017


Riverside Public School is organizing the largest gathering of Universities and Higher Educational Institutions in the school on 23rd and 24th of October 2017.

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News & Events

1st Riverside International FIDE Rated – Open Chess Tournament – December 22nd – 25th 2017

Riverside Public School has been crowned with the honour of hosting the first ever International Fide Rated Chess Tournament in[..] [Read More]

  • Christmas Bliss at Riverside

    Just the sight of pine trees, gold tinsel, holly, and the feeling of Christmas surges like a tidal wave within[..] [Read More]

  • Riverside Model United Nations Forum

    On the 5th and 6th of December, Riverside had invited the Isha Home School for another intellectual session on Model[..] [Read More]

  • The Junior Day at Riverside

    17th November 2017: To watch children perform acts and display an array of traits is phenomenal. The junior day at[..] [Read More]

  • The Childrens Day Scroll at Riverside.

    14th November 2017: Children's day at Riverside was nothing short of peels of laughter, eye watering and out of the[..] [Read More]

  • Social Heritage Project Junior School

    11th November 2017: Our generation is blessed with a rich heritage that we need to embalm and preserve and also[..] [Read More]

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